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Chest of Antiques

What is an Antique Chest?
Antique Chest is an in-game item containing extremely rare mounts, tabards, companions, and gadgets that cannot be obtained through regular gameplay. Opening the chest will give you one random item. All items are visual additions and do not provide any advantage through the gameplay. 

Where can I find what items drop from the chest and drop chances?
Moonwell x3: http://db.moonwell.su/?item=7246
Moonwell x100: http://x100.moonwell.su/?item=7246

How to open the chest?
The chest is opened with the Antique Key.

Where to find the chest and the key?
You can buy the chest and the key in the donate store (.shop -> Miscellaneous). Also, the chest drops out with a low chance (0.5%) from any creature in the world.

Is it possible to transfer items out of the chest?
Items from the chest could be traded or sold at an auction until you use or equip them.

What to do with the unnecessary dropped item?
Unnecessary items that have dropped from the chest can be disenchanted (the required skill is always in the skill book), getting Antique Shards. 5 shards can be combined into one Antique Key.