Moonwell x100
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How to start to play?
What version of the game does the server support?
2.4.3 The Burning Crusade
Where can I download the game client?
Follow the links on this page.
Where can I find more info about the Moonwell x5 realm?
Where can I find more info about the Moonwell x100 realm?
How is our server different from others?
You can find out here.
Where can I find server rules? 
On this page.
What year has the server been running? 
Since January 2011.
I live within the CIS / Europe. What ping would I have?
What are the handy tools that can be found on our site?
What in-game commands are available for players?
Quest, spell, mob or item does not work as intended. Where you can ask to make it fixed? 

Technical support
How do I contact GM?
Technical support for players is provided via Discord through ticket system. To create a ticket, connect to our Discord server, go to the #support channel, click on the reaction with the envelope, then go to the new channel with the ticket and describe your problem.
How to report a player?
To report a player, create a new GM ticket via Discord and provide the following information:
Violator's nickname
  1. Violator's nickname
  2. Describe what happened
  3. Provide a screenshot of the violation
If the complaint relates to unfair distribution of loot in the raid, specify the raid CD number. You need to upload a screenshot where the violation and the output of the ".server info" command with the server time. Chat related violations are considered invalid one month after the violation.
Your screenshot may be shown to the violator as evidence of a violation, so if you want to remain anonymous, hide your nickname in the screenshot by visual editing.
The Game Master will inform you what actions are taken against the violator after your report is verified and approved.
Where can you complain about GM? 
Contact the Head GM via Discord and explain the situation. 
My account has been banned. Where to find reason? What can I do?
First of all, find out why your account has been blocked. Look up the number of the violated rule in the history of punishments at your Control Panel and read the relevant information on the server rules page. You can request evidence and argumentation of your punishment from the GM who issued it If you do not agree with your punishment, by creating a new ticket for the GM with Discord, indicating your nickname, game world, and the essence of the appeal. GM is obliged to provide evidence of your violation within 14 days of the blocking date. In cases where evidence was not provided or you were not satisfied with it, then for further appeal, contact the Head GM with Discord.
How do I recover my lost login?
You can find out the account login if you have already entered the game on your computer. To do this, find the folder with the desired login along the path: "C:/Games/World of Warcraft/WTF/Account" (for example, C:/Games/World of Warcraft/WTF/Account/YOUR_LOGIN).

You can also contact the server administration. Create new ticket in our Discord server using channel #support and include following information:
  1. Ticket: forgot login
  2. The nickname of the main character listed within a forgotten account
  3. Realm name
  4. Approximate registration date
  5. Country and city of the last entry into the game

Please make sure you fill out the form correctly. Processing time can take up to several days.
How do I recover an email address linked to my account?
If you have forgotten what mail you registered your account with, create new ticket in our Discord server using channel #support and include following information:
  1. Ticket: forgot email
  2. Your login
  3. Approximate registration date
After consideration, you will receive a mail associated with your account in the following format: warrior*****, were * - intentionally hidden characters for security purposes.
How do I recover the lost password to my account?
We store passwords only in encrypted form, so we cannot remind you in whole or partial from. You can recover the password by yourself in your Control panel if you have access to the email address you registered your account with.
How do I regain access if I don't have access to my account and email address? 
First of all, please contact your mailbox registrar support to restore access to your email address (Google, Yahoo, etc.). You will get access to the mailbox if you provide a sufficient amount of data, and then you can change the password to your account with the Control panel.

We can partially remind you of your email address that you do not remember with the mentioned above method. Access recovery requests have to be submitted if an email address has not been recalled, someone has changed your mail address, or failed to get access with registrar support. You must provide as much information about your account as possible, which would help us make sure you are the real owner. To do this, create new ticket in our  Discord server using channel #support and include following information:
  1. Ticket: no access to account
  2. What is the reason for this request? (hacked, forgot data, etc.)
  3. Account login
  4. An email address to which the account is or was linked
  5. The nickname of the first created character on the account and the realm name
  6. Approximate date of account registration
  7. Last login date
  8. Country and city from which the account registered
  9. Country and city from which the account was the last logged in
  10. Indicate which players you have invited and who has been invited by you if you are a member of the referral system. 
  11. Try to indicate the exact dates of payment when the balance of your account has been replenished at the Control panel. 
  12. The new email address that will be linked to your account after recovery
  13. Any other information at your discretion (increases the chances of restoring access)
  14. Write the IP address from which you most often entered the game (most often this is your current IP address if you are playing at home).

Please make sure you fill out the access recovery request correctly. Processing time can take up to several days. 
I have access to my account. How do I change my password/email address?
Visit this page to change your account password. To change your email address, go here.

Not able to login to the game? Lags? High ping?
Hangs on "Establishing a connection" or "Connecting" when entering the game.
Check the file - it should contain set realmlist and nothing else. You can download ready for use

Too frequent login attempts can also be a problem. Just wait a minute and try again. 

We have an additional realmlist that can be used in case of similar problems: set realmlist If the problem persists, perhaps your antivirus or ISP is blocking the server IP or port 3724. Contact your ISP or reconfigure your router.

Getting kicked out of the game (disconnected)
The most common cause of these problems is the presence of incompatible addons. Try to remove all addons from the World of Warcraft \ Interface \ AddOns folder. An unstable internet connection may also be the cause.

If a game crashes with a critical error after viewing the bank, it means you are using a patched WoW.exe. Download the original one here. Please download the game from our website and reinstalling it if the critical error occurs due to other actions.

Contact the GM for help if you are kicked out of the game after performing certain actions in the game, in detail outline the actions that lead to the crash.
Increased ping and lags
Chat is displayed with a delay, other players characters run in place, spells are not being cast, or the casting animation freezes but previously, everything was fine. Most likely you have lags. We do not recommend relying on information in the "Latency" scale in the game interface, please check as follows: write something to the chat, and if the message did not appear immediately, but with a delay, then you have problems. Latency can be affected by local issues (slow Internet, antivirus), issues with your provider (less often), or issues from our server (very rarely).

WinMTR can help to determine the reasons.

Diagnosing network problems using WinMTR (when ping increases):
  1. Download WinMTR software
  2. Run WinMTR.exe at the moment of high ping
  3. In the window that opens, in the "Host" field, enter and click on the "Start" button 
  4. Wait until the program sends (Sent column) at least 600 requests (10 minutes), then click the Stop button and use the "Export TEXT" button to save the results, or take a screenshot
  5. Sent your results to our Discord with a new ticket and specify your current IP address
Diagnostics should be issued when you are facing lags only!
Consistently high ping 
According to statistics, the average ping of players on our server is 51 ms. The distance between you and our server or very rare network problems might be a reason for the consistently high ping that is never decreasing (from 300). In this case, unfortunately, the only way to try to lower your ping is to use a VPN.
Client freezes (the picture in the game freezes for a couple of seconds)
Unfortunately, The Burning Crusade client optimized poorly by the game developers, and therefore sometimes the picture in the game can freeze and not move completely for a couple of seconds. Freezes usually happen once after starting the client. Sometimes friezes happen in places of high activity (bg, raids). Freezes practically do not occur on computers with a good processor. To minimize freezes, we recommend reducing the "terrain visibility" in the game graphics settings or entering the following commands in the game:

/console gxVSync 0
/console farclip 177
Low FPS (low frames per second) 
The picture in the game does not move smoothly when FPS (Frames per Second) drops. An issue with Low FPS is typical for weak computers. To increase FPS, try lowering the graphics quality in the game settings.

Other questions
Character stuck in the game / can't resurrect. What to do?
Use teleportation function to the tavern within your Control panel
I accidentally bought the wrong thing in a donate shop. Can I exchange it or return the coins?
It is possible if the purchased item is useless for you (it does not fit your class, can't be used, or you already have this item). Contact with GM.
I found a serious bug! Can I count on a reward and avoid blocking if I tell you about it? 
Yes, you can. Create a bug report at the bug tracker. We will check it, and if it turns out that the bug is worth to be rewarded, a reward is granted. Please email [email protected]. if the bug is critical and requires an immediate response or anonymity.
Is there a characters transfer from other servers??
What bonuses can I get if I invite a friend?
You can find it here.
How to donate? Where can I find a donate shop?
You can donate your Control panel. You can open the donate shop using the .shop. in the game.
Is it possible to check what items can be purchased by donating without entering the game? 
Yes, on this page.
Can I purchase items that are not available in the Donate Shop?
How can a premium account be activated? 
At your Control panel or in the Donate store (using the .shop command).
How do I apply for a GM / Moderator / Developer?
Can I transfer my character or coins to another account?
Can I pay and unban my account?
Yes, at your Control panel.
Can a deleted character be restored?
Yes, you can do it at your Control panel.
Is it possible to recover deleted items? 
You can only restore personal items bought with donations and quest items that you cannot get again Contact GM for recovery.
Is it possible to delete a permanently blocked character to free up the nickname or transfer the rights of the guild master?
Yes, Contact GM.
Is it possible to release a character nickname that has not been online for a long time? 
No. For automatically removed inactive characters only. An exception can only be made for media personalities.
How often do inactive accounts/characters are cleansed?
Accounts are never being deleted. Inactive characters are removed no more than once a year. We identify inactive characters based on the following criteria: the last entry to the game was over a year ago, the total playtime is less than 12 hours. Your characters will be deleted only if all listed criteria are met.
The Quest Helper addon does not work. How to fix it?
Use / qh hardreset command and follow further instructions. 
Why question marks are displayed instead of Russian letters and nicknames?
To fix it, download this archive and place the Fonts folder from the archive into the game folder.