If you cannot log in to the game, please, change realmlist.wtf to "set realmlist login.moonwell.su", or download ready file at https://moonwell.su/play
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Update list #44

Update list:
  • [Vial of the Sunwell] now automatically charges up to 20 stacks upon entering the arena/BG.
  • Teleportation Book and Premium Remote are now stored in bag instead of key slot.
  • NPC "Girnorm", which previously teleported raid participants to raid leader, now teleports players to instances entrance.
  • All creatures in the world and instances now have 50% HP reduction, except HS, BT, ZA and SWP instances.
  • When there are 10 seconds left before the scheduled server reboot, all battlegrounds and arenas are automatically ended in no one's favor. All players who are in the BG at this moment will receive makrs as for a victory.
  • Auction mail is now delivered instantly without delay.
  • Completing the original 5-player Heroic Dungeon quests will now award 2 additional Moon Coins as a reward. For convenience, all tasks have been added to the NPC "Izuar" in Shattrath City.
  • Alterac has been temporarily removed from BG rotation.
  • [Darkmoon Card: Blue Dragon] was added to Donate shop.