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Update list #46

General changes: 
  • Changed personal arena rating requirement for obtaining a Transmogrificator from 2300 to 2100. Solo arena 3x3 rating is now also can be used. 
  • Added clarifications to description in quest for the Transmogrificator (Cache folder must be removed). 
  • Cooldown for all instances below T6 has been reduced to 3 days. 
  • English-speaking players, upon reaching level 20, automatically join the "Forgotten West Imperium" guild. This is done to make it easier for English-speaking players to find accomplices. 
  • Rotating daily daily quests from NPC Izuar can no longer be offered to other players. 
  • Shattrath Auctioneer is now located on a crate. 
  • Added alternative personal badges to Mystic Chest (vote chest) to prevent multi-account voting abuse. 
  • Fixed some bugs. 

Solo 3х3 changes: 
  • You can no longer leave arena after you have entered it until battle begins. If you log out at this moment, it will consider as lose to you.

Donate shop updates: 
  • Adjusted prices. 
  • Arena points, A3 equipment, Transmogrificator and batteries have been added to shop.