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Update list #47

World changes 
  • Removed learned professions limitation 
  • Arena points are now awarded every day 
  • Rates for Honor are doubled 
  • A1 is now sold for honor/marks at a price lower than the original 
  • Changed loot for [Mystic Chest], and also renamed it to [Vote Chest] (you need to delete Cache folder) 
  • Free dualspec available
  • Raid chests with random raid drop have been added. For example, [Legendary Raid Chest] contains one random equipment item from the Sunwell Plateau, Black Temple, or Hyjal, including legendary items. The drop is completely random. It may drop items that are not suitable for your class. Chests are opened with new keys, which can be bought in donate shop or from Grithena. You can find out exactly which items drop from chests in our database.

  • All T6, T5 and T4 raids (normal mode) are adapted for 10 players. Player number is limted when entering raid dungeons.
  • Instance HP/damage reductions are written at the entrance
  • Added heroic versions of T6 raids
  • Loot from Archimonde, Illidan and all creatures in Sunwell in normal mode is underestimated due to the limited farming of high-level PvE equipment

Battlegrounds and arena
  • When you achieve two wins in a row on BG, each subsequent win will bring you Moon Coins. They can be exchanged for valuable items at Grithena in Shattrath City. More victories in a row - more coins! You can find out how many victories you have in a row and how many coins you will receive in the battlemaster menu.
  • [Badge of Justice Fragment] no longer drops on BG kills. The remaining fragments can be converted into badges, and the rest can be sold to vendors for gold (1 fragment = 10 gold).
  • Raid chests have been added to the random drop on BG winning/losing
  • [Vial of the Sunwell] now properly increases to 20 stacks for paladins when entering the arena or BG
  • Real number of players of each faction is written in the chat when entering the BG
  • Number of players in the queue is now written when entering the arena queue
  • Removed daily arena points quest

Other updates
  • Fixed a bug with which it was possible to create several characters with same nickname
  • [Papa Hummel's Old-Fashioned Pet Biscuit] item no longer stacks (if you had this item in a stack, then all surplus will be sent by mail)
  • [Amani War Bear] now drops from a chest in ZA with a 10% chance
  • All creatures in the world now drop with a small chance not only Antique Chest, but also Raid Chests
  • The starter mount is now sold by the vendor in Shattrath City
  • When bonus rates are turned on (for holidays, with compensations), this is written to all players when they enter the game in the chat