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Update list #48

World changes: 
  • Raid chests now drop only items that match your class. Raid chests and keys bought for donation were sent by mail to all players who bought them before this changes.
  • All instances now reset once every 24 hours (heroic Sunwell, Hyjal, and Black Temple every 3 days). Will take effect after the next reset.
  • Vendor Anriann in Shattrath City now sells all class reagents, including ready-made poisons for rogues
  • Added level 115 starter equipment vendors to Shattrath City. You can buy it for gold.
  • Reagent stacks increased to 200
  • Added auto event! Once every three days at 20:00 (GMT+3), one of the world bosses randomly appears in the world: Doomwalker, Highlord Kruul or Doom Lord Kazzak in its standard location. After killing, the bosses will spawn 3 chests around them, each containing one Antique Key and random keys for raid chests. When the event starts, a message is written to the chat about which boss has spawned. Bosses are adapted for a group of 5-10 players.

  • Loot from trash in Sunwell Plateau, Black Temple and Hyjal in normal mode has been reduced to x1 rates
  • The rate on the drop of equipable items below level 141 is now x100
  • HP of trash in all raids in normal mode reduced by 50%

  • Item drop rate increased from x5 to x10

Donate shop
  • Raid chests and keys are available
  • Added 36 slot bag