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Update list #49

World changes: 
  • Changed the requirement for receiving Transmogrificator from "100 BG wins + 10 wins in a row + 75000 honor points" to "200 BG wins + 75000 honor points".
  • Reduced prices for raid chest keys. 
  • Increased custom chest drop rates from creatures.
  • For every win in BG, you will get one random chest.
  • Shattrath Forge is now properly deployed.
  • Battlemaster in Shattrath is split into two separate NPCs - Battleground master and Arena master.
  • The daily quests related to Battlegrounds and Arena have been moved to Battleground/Arena masters.
  • Exchanging Arena/Honor Points for Moon Coins is now possible through Battleground/Arena masters.
  • Battleground Master now exchanges BG marks.

  • Creatures HP in Black Temple, The Sunwell, Hyjal increased by 5% from standard values, in Gruul's Lair by 10%.
  • The HP of trash in normal raid modes is no longer additionally reduced.

Battlegrounds and arena:
  • Increased the number of Moon Coins for completing daily quests.
  • Daily quest for 10 arena games in a 2v2 bracket is available.
  • For completing daily arena daily quests, you will receive Moon Coins, instead of arena points.
  • Moon coins for victories in a row in BG are no longer given. The counter of victories in a row in BG has been removed.
  • You can interact with the Battleground/Arena masters in BG/arena before battle starts (for example, for exchange currency, view statistics, take a daily quest).