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Update list #50

World changes: 
  • Changed conditions and rewards for special daily quests (you must to clear Cache folder!). 
  • It is now possible to join BG in a group of 5 players. 
  • A1 item set and offset prices has been changed. All items now sell for 2805 honor points. 
  • [Wild Thornroot] now sold by Anriann in Shattrath.
  • Disabled receiving honor points outside BG.
  • Special chests no longer drop on BG. They can be bought for BG marks from the BG Master.
  • CD for instances is now two days, instead of one.
  • Gritena is now selling [Buff Scroll], which buffs the character with all available class buffs for 24 hours.
  • To prevent bugs, dualspec book can now be used only after the player has spent 10 seconds in the game.
  • Added a ban on transmogrifying temporary legendary weapons from TK and Stratholme so as not to misinform players.

Promotions and bonuses:
  • For activating a bonus code from the #bonus channel in discord now you receive a chest, which contains the award
  • НAll new characters now gains a chest that contains random amount of Raid-chests and keys for them.
  • [Vote Chest] now contains from 1 to 5 Moon Coins as a reward (as well as a small chance for a drop mount).
  • [Supply Chest] (for a subscription in VK) now contains 100 BOJ.

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