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Update list #54

World changes: 
  • Naxxramas raid is available for 25ppl heroic mode! 
  • Training dummies now automatically remove combat if a training session lasts more than 5 minutes. 
  • Added Morphing Shirts that visually change the character model. All questionable models (standing with their feet on mounts, etc.) were removed. Shirts can be obtained by opening the Ghost Chest. Chests and keys can be dropped from bosses in Naxxramas. 
  • NPC Loremin can now teleport players to Naxxramas. 

Solo 3v3 arena: 
  • Reduced the number of required arena reports to receive arena ban (deserter mask for 24 hours). We recommend using the "Report Player" function in Arena Battlemaster menu more often for players who spoil the game.
  • Rewritten team selection algorithm. Now, two players of the same class cannot be on the same team. Distribution example: was: war war mage - rog rog mage, now: war rog mage - war rog mage. Fixed some shortcomings with team selection, which will make selections faster and more correct.

Heroic T6 Raids and heroic Naxxramas:
  • When killing bosses, all players receive one Moon Coin
  • Instance reset now occurs every 7 days

Bug fixes:
  • Mage Presence of Mind now works for all Conjured spells
  • Possibly fixed a bug with permanent combat after killing Muru
  • Heroic raids have no longer reduced trash HP
  • Fixed bugs with some bosses in Naxxramas