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Update list #56

World changes:
  • Creature aggro radius has been reduced from 50 to 45 yards, as it should be.
  • Fixed a visual bug when a character for other players performed a "loot animation" after each action.
  • An attempt was made to fix the visual bug of "running in place" players.
  • Removed doors that opening access to Karazhan, Shadow Labyrinth, Arcatraz and Shattered Halls, as players with an uncleared Cache were unable to open them after the latest updates.
  • Changed the movement speed of creatures in accordance with the information from the official server.
  • Hunter pets are now always happy. They no longer need to be fed.
  • Hyjal is available again on heroic difficulty.
  • Fixed bugs with custom chests, when an item that did not correspond to the character class was dropped.

  • To start a battle on Alterac, you now require 5 players for each team, instead of 10.
  • BG premades are now limited to 3 players instead of 5.
  • To get the "inactive player" debuff, you now require 2 reports, instead of 3.
  • Now, if a player in BG receives 6 reports from different players, then he is automatically kicked from BG and gets a deserter debuff.
  • Deserter debuff duration increased from 10 minutes to 30.
  • All messages related to reports on BG have been localized.