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Update list #57

General changes:
  • Now, players can spectate arena while in battleground/arena queue.
  • If there is a Transmogrificator in your inventory, vendors no longer show jewelry items (it makes no sense to fill the space with them, since these items are not suitable for transmogrification).
  • Players are prohibited from registering a solo 3v3 arena unless all slots are equipped or equipment of "rare" quality or lower is worn.
  • In Zul'Aman, the last two bosses can no longer be attacked until the previous bosses have been killed.
  • The reward multiplier (badges) for completing daily quests in heroic dungeons (for 5 players) has been removed. Now it's blizzlike.
  • The missing plate items have been added to the assortment of items for the Fast Start service.
  • Items with low demand from Grithena are now cheaper.
  • If while trading, the player changes the offered money or rearranges the item in trade window, then the second player will not be able to confirm the trade within 5 seconds. An attempt to protect players from cheating (quick item swap) in trade.
  • (update postponed for few days) Added reagent vendors to the center of Shattrath. Each reagent has its own price in Badge of Justice and gold.

Donate shop:
  • Changed prices for many items depending on demand.
  • Added a new category, "Transmogrification". In addition to the device itself and batteries, you can buy various equipment for transmogrification (custom items and items that can be obtained in game). You can tell administration to add the equipment you want in the #suggestions section in Discord.

Important changes that were warned about in advance:
  • Antique Key is now a personal Item.
  • All Morphing Shirts are now BoE items.
  • (update postponed for few days) All players have their original Badge of Justice replaced with Corrupted (analog).