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Update list #58.3

Premium account:
  • Added additional bonuses for Premium accounts: honor/arena points gain increased by 25%, Dragonhawk mount, and a 10% chance to return a used key after opening a custom chest (Raid, Antique, Ghost, etc.).
  • Premium account prices have been changed.
  • Premium account scrolls disappear if they are not activated within 3 days.
  • "Fast Start" service no longer includes 7-day premium bonus.

Other updates:
  • Custom chests can no longer be opened if there is no free slot in inventory.
  • Guild House auction winners can purchase the Blue Qiraji Resonating Crystal with no restrictions.
  • Removed NPC models sitting on mounts in Shattrath City center. Now each mount has its own name.
  • Changed creature names and item names affected by the update. 

All players need to delete the Cache folder in the game directory after restart!