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Update list #59

Raid Keys and Chests:
  • Long-awaited update for raid chests! Multispec classes can now select the desired spec for which items will be looted using the ".setspec" command. Duplicate protection has now been increased from 15 items to half (50%) of possible dropped items (if your class can loot 50 items, then you are guaranteed not to receive duplicates on a 25 item limit)
  • The cost of all Raid Keys has been slightly increased.

Battlegrounds and arena:
  • Players are now prohibited from registering battlegrounds if there are unequipped slots or the total level of equipped items is too low.
  • Reduced the required games played to receive points on 3v3 arena from 20, to 15.
  • Added liability for misuse of complaints against BG (rule 3.12).
  • Reduced the required number of complaints to kick an afk player from AV.
  • Correction to HP/damage to all the AV npc's.

  • Raid bosses in Gruul's Lair, Karazhan, Magtheridon's Lair, Serpentshrine Cavern, The Eye, Zul'Aman can now drop 1 moon coin on a 50% loot chance.
  • Fixed a bug with closed doors in heroic Hyjal.
  • Lowered creature HP/damage in heroic Naxxramas.

Other updates:
  • Buff scrolls have been added as a reward for the "Raids Clean Up" quests.
  • Added riding scrolls to donate shop.
  • The Gromsblood reagent has been added to the BOJ vendors in Shattrath.

After restarting the server, players are advised to delete the Cache folder in the game directory.