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Update list #74

  • Players whose guild owns the Guild House now have special chat marker when sending messages to the global chat. Green - for ordinary participants and green ¤ - for the master and officers. You can turn off the symbol using the .guildmarker command
  • Added .golem command to interact with Golem Guardian. Available options are: kill and summon.
  • The Russian and English global channels have been replaced with one Global channel. To join it, write to the chat /join Global.
  • Added #global channel to Discord where posts all messages from ingame global chat.
  • Added the vendor menu to exchange Honor Points and Arena Points for Badges of Justice to battlemasters.
  • Added the possibility to transfogrify tabard.
  • Players can now leave a solo 3v3 arena team.
  • The Azerite Key will become a soulbound item on July 1st.
  • Arena 2v2 now opens 2 hours earlier - from 16:00 to 02:00.