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Update list #75

  • Fixed additional reasons for BG faction markers to remain after battle end.
  • BG faction markers are now debuffs.
  • Changed the name of solo 3v3 arena teams.
  • The 5x5 arena slot is now used to display BG stats.
  • Azerite Key is now a personal item.
  • Past win/loss stats have been removed from the game as matches were counted incorrectly.

Battlegrounds are now available in ranked mode!

When registering BG, a 5v5 arena team called "Rated Battleground" will be automatically created. Your BG game statistics and current BG rating will be recorded there. The formula for calculating the rating is the same as in a solo 3v3 arena - -10 rating for a defeat and +2-10 rating for a victory, depending on the current rating. Rating is calculated for solo playing and group.

The presence of the "Eye of Divinity" debuff indicates that your rating will be changed at the end of the battle. A battle may not be counted if:
- You joined the battle 5 minutes after the doors opened.
- If there are not at least 10 players during the whole battle.
- Was ended forcefully (eg reboot) or a draw.

At the moment, the rating BG is being tested, and we are monitoring the errors. As we make sure that there are no problems, we reset all statistics (if necessary) and add rewards. If you find any bug, please create a Discord ticket.