Moonwell x5
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Update list #84

  • Fixed Feign Death cooldown bug.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented registering multiple BGs at the same time by a group.
  • Fixed respawn time for some bosses in heroic dungeons.
  • Fixed the disappearance of racial seals on paladins after using the race change service. All missing seals restored.
  • Level and HP of all creatures synchronized with data.
  • Improved random move generation system. Should fix the rare problem of NPCs "jumping around in textures".
  • BG and arena now close an hour later - at 4am.
  • Warp Splinter summoned by Sapling bosses now automatically attack players in sight.
  • A lot of work has been done to fix known bugs causing the server to crash.

Moonwell x5
  • Shattrath is no longer an area where duels are allowed.
  • A portal to a separate dueling location has been added to the center of Shattrath. 
  • 2% mana regen from Blessing of Sanctuary now only works on Moonwell x100.
  • Fixed known bugs with the referral system.