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Update list #85

  • Reworked targeted-movement system. 
  • Improved behavior of pets when following the master.
  • Fixed an issue with cycling when a creature could not reach the target.
  • Creatures automatically change target if possible after some time if the current target is out of reach.
  • Creatures in dungeons now always use pathfinding correctly.
  • When returning to the spawn point, creatures use pathfinding.
  • The size of the creature being attacked correctly affects the attack range.
  • Significant optimization.

Raids and dungeons:
  • Fixed the execution event in Shattered Halls.
  • Minor improvements to Al'ar boss.
  • Fixed Warder Corpse in Arcatraz.
  • Fixed NPC Overlord Mok'Morokk.
  • Decreased Blast Nova boss Magtheridon's kuldown from 60 to 45 seconds.
  • Maiden of Pain no longer casts a Whipped Frenzy aura.

  • Fixed a critical bug related to the Enslave of an Enchanter.
  • Fixed a bug related to sending packets from attacks.
  • Some fixes to the aura processing logic.
  • Changes to the corpse disappearance timer. Fixes some problems related to it.
  • Fixed a bug where the aura of flight remained on the character after stopping watching the arena.
  • Fixed the client hanging from incorrectly transmitted values to the combatlog.
  • Rollback HP and level synchronization with data.

  • Returned the player limit on Arathi and Eye - 15 players. 
  • Alterac is available only from level 70.

Moonwell x100:
  • Fixed bug on rating BG that allowed not to lose rating after defeat. At the end of the season, the BG ladder will be reset along with the arena ladder.
  • The event with world bosses in the Gurubashi arena now starts at 22:00.

Moonwell x5:
  • Alterac is disabled and will become available some time after the start of the server, when there will be enough characters of level 70.

Attention! The update affects changes to important systems. We have tested everything, everything works as it should, but there may be unforeseen problems. Please report to the Discord ticket or bugtracker if you encounter any bugs.