Moonwell x5
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Moonwell x100
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Update list #89

  • Fixed referral bonus levels gain.
  • Boss Strawman disoriented with a 50% chance when hitting fire spells.
  • Fixed counter in quests where the goal is to kill an NPC and loot an item.
  • Fixed HP count and level of NPC Flesh Eating Worm, which is summoned by Rotted One.

General changes:
  • Significantly increased the number of spawns of ore, herbs, fish, and other objects needed for professions.
  • Mail sent by the GM and service mails can now not be accidentally returned by pressing the button in the mailbox.

Moonwell x100:

Moonwell x5:
  • Added loot to the Voting Chest.
  • Spell CD after duel is now refreshing only in Duel Zone, which can be accessed through the portal in the center of Shattrath.
  • Added Talent Book to the Innkeepers.
  • Added Seal of Vengeance for Horde paladins and Seal of Blood for Alliance paladins. When you learn one seal, the second seal is also trained at once.