Moonwell x100
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Update list #101

The Alterac Valley battleground:
  • Creature modifiers have been changed.
  • Fixed a bug with boss HP restoration when towers are burned.
  • Archers' attack has been fixed.
  • The teleportation position of the Insignia (and all analogs for Horde/Alliance) now depends on the player's team, not their race.

Serpentshrine Cavern and The Eye: Tempest Keep:
  • Final bosses are now only accessible after killing all previous bosses in the raid.
  • Thaladred The Darkener's Gaze now generates 10000 threat instead of the maximum value.
  • The stunning effect from Master Engineer Telonicus Remote Toy no longer has diminishing returns.
  • Some boss mechanics have been nerfed.

Bug fixes:
  • Fixed a rare bug where spells disappear when changing specs through the Talent Book.
  • After canceling Feign Death, mobs now aggro correctly on the player.
  • Necessary checks have been added to the function responsible for mob aggro in a group. Fixes the problem with attacking invisible triggers, leading to an endless fight.
  • The Enfeeble aura applied by Prince Malchezar in Karazhan now displays correctly.
  • Fixed the Mongoose proc from "yellow" attacks. Correct PPM-rate is set.
  • Fixes for The Shattered Halls dungeon.
  • Fixed the drop of Scarlet Cannonbal.
  • Fixes for NPC Magus Zabraxis.
  • The Nature's Grace druid talent now does not work on critical attacks in cat and druid form.
  • Correct positions have been set for some plants.
  • The correct drop probability for Healthy Dragon Scale has been set.

General changes:
  • Now, when counting down to server restart, players will receive a message not only in chat but also in the center of the screen.
  • The Mage's Water Elemental now receives a bonus to base damage equal to 40% of the Mage's frost damage modifier.
  • The base damage of Warlock demons increases depending on the Warlock's shadow or fire damage modifier.

Moonwell x5:
  • HP/damage modifiers of the world boss Doom Lord Kazzak have been changed.

Adjustments to the progressive system:
Quests that will become available in phase 2:
Items that will become available in phase 2: