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Third phase start

The release of the third phase on Moonwell x5 will be accelerated. The start is planned for Wednesday, May 3rd at 18:00. New content, including Hyjal Summit and Black Temple raids, will become available. More details about the changes can be found here.

It has been decided not to end the current arena season, so teams will not be reset after the release of the new phase. Also, after today's restart, T5 attunements will be removed, which will help players prepare faster for the release of T6.

We hope that these changes will help rekindle players' interest in the current conditions on the server. Unfortunately, due to well-known reasons, online activity has significantly decreased compared to previous months. These are the realities of a competitive environment, and it's important to understand that. Despite this, we will continue to develop the server and overcome any challenges along the way.