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New core

We would like to share with you some exciting news: we are preparing a major update! 

In the first few months, Moonwell x5 reached a record of 2500-3000 players online. This is an impressive result that we are very proud of and we would like to thank everyone who joined us. Our core has never been tested in such conditions, which unfortunately revealed many different small errors that could negatively affect the gaming experience - from broken quests to geodata problems. Unfortunately, we could not pay enough attention to these issues before the server was launched, as our efforts were focused on global tasks related to optimization and stability. Despite the fact that we have made thousands of our own changes to the core and database since 2011, there are still enough errors to make us inferior to other projects. Seeing the overall picture, we decided to switch to a new core.

What is it and why is it needed?
The server core contains all the necessary functions for interaction between the game client and the database. It is a key element on which practically everything that happens in the game depends. In 2011, we took an open source software core and modified it to the present day. Probably there is no need to explain why this is bad. Imagine an old car with cool tuning. Nowadays, there are many other solutions that can provide a more qualitative implementation of the gaming world, but they also have their drawbacks. We are confident that in combination with our changes, we can create a truly high-quality product.

What will change?
There are so many differences between the current and new cores that listing them makes no sense. First of all, most current problems and known bugs will be fixed. New mechanics will be implemented and scripts will be improved. Of course, the new core is not a panacea for all problems. There will be new bugs, but preliminary estimates suggest that there will be much fewer of them than there are now. We will also do our best to transfer all custom changes to the new core and preserve the conceptual look of Moonwell x5 and Moonwell x100.

When to expect changes?
We will need a few more months. At the moment, the work is about 20% done. It should be noted that we have to transfer the code written over the past 12 years from the current core to the new one and synchronize all data. Without going into technical details, this is a very difficult task. Once everything is done, we will launch the new core and give access to testing to everyone who wants it. Then it will take some time to make sure it works correctly, and only after that will we transfer all your characters there.

We are confident that this update will significantly improve the player experience and provide a solid foundation for further development and growth of Moonwell. Thank you for being a part of our community!