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Update list #105

  • All 25-player raids are now adapted for 15 players instead of 10.
  • All modifiers have been reworked. Some raids have become slightly harder, while others have become easier.
  • Heroic raid modes have been removed from the game.
  • Onyxia's Lair and Magtheridon's Lair raids have been updated. Now, two random items from [Legendary Raid Chest] drop from the final bosses.
  • Naxxramas has been updated. Now, each boss drops 1 random item from [Legendary Raid Chest], and the final boss drops 2.
  • The door leading to Mother Shahraz has been restored in the Black Temple. To open it, you need to kill the previous bosses, following the original game content. Similar chains requiring the killing of previous bosses have been added to other raids.
  • Loot from Illidan, Archimonde, and the first three bosses of Sunwell Plateau has been significantly increased.
  • The drop rate of badges from bosses is now the original drop multiplied by 4.
  • Upon entering a raid, the damage/HP values of creatures are now displayed, along with the Challenge Mode status.

Raid Challenge Mode:
  • Every time the cooldown on raids is reset (every 3 days), 3 raids are randomly selected to activate Challenge Mode. In this mode, the health and damage of all creatures are increased, and each player receives [Emblem of Triumph] from the final boss. Emblems are a new currency that can be used to purchase legendary weapons or exchanged for Moon Coins.
  • To find out how many emblems can be obtained and what enhancements are active in Challenge Mode, you can speak to the NPC named Izuar in the city of Shattrath. It's important to note that Challenge Mode is not a separate raid or heroic raid; it is a temporary enhancement of a regular raid.

Legendary Weapons:
  • In Shattrath, an NPC has appeared who sells legendary weapons and transmogrification items for [Emblem of Triumph]. You can learn more about it on this page.

Battlegrounds and Arenas:
  • Rated 2v2 arenas are now available only from 22:00 to 01:00. During this time, matches in solo 3v3 arenas will not be available. This change aims to focus players on 2v2 arenas during prime time.
  • The matchmaking system for solo 3v3 arenas has been changed. Now, teams with healers will not face teams without healers.
  • The character verification system for entering Battlegrounds or Arenas has been revamped. If your character has any issues or does not meet the requirements, you will receive a correct notification in the chat with the reason.
  • From 02:00 to 14:00, only one battleground Warsong Gulch will be active.
  • An issue has been fixed where two identical battlegrounds could start simultaneously.
  • Rated battlegrounds have been removed from the game. The rating for battlegrounds has been reset for all players. Win/loss statistics will continue to be recorded in the arena team slot, but the rating will not change.

Custom Quests:
  • All non-original quests that players had before the update, as well as items related to them, have been removed. Players were notified in advance.
  • A new quest has been added: [Challenge: Arena 3v3 solo]
  • A new quest has been added: [Challenge: Arena 2v2]
  • A new quest has been added: [Challenge: Battlegrounds]
  • NPC Izuar now shows which raids are available in Trial Mode at any given time.

Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed the calculation of the radius of AoE spells. It is now smaller, as it should be.
  • AoE spells and the TAB key now ignore critters (low-health non-aggressive creatures like rabbits, rats, etc.).
  • When changing specs or resetting talents, players no longer lose buffs from [Buff Scroll].
  • Fixed the effect of [Band of the Eternal Champion], which was being replaced by some spells.
  • Fixed a bug with debuffs when dropping the flag in Warsong Gulch.
  • Fixed a bug in Hyjal Summit where the remaining wave counter could go below 0.
  • Priest: [Mass Dispel] now ignores Line of Sight (LoS).
  • Hunter: The effect of [Frost Trap] now ignores LoS.
  • Fixed the stacking of the spell [Cadaver Worms]
  • Fixes for the quest [Call of Water]
  • Fixes for the quest [Turning the Tide]

  • NPC Grithena: The interface for exchanging Lunar Coins has been updated, and chests are now available for purchase individually.
  • In heroic 5-player dungeons, bosses now drop either an [Epic Key] or an [Epic Raid Chest].
  • [Transmogrificator] now can only be purchased for [Emblem of Triumph].
  • In the open world, random chests with a low chance of appearing have been removed.
  • [Epic Raid Chest] will no longer drop from raid bosses.
  • World boss events (Gurubashi Arena) have been disabled.
  • In Shattrath, a multi-class trainer has been added, who can teach all spells at once and reset talents.
  • In Shattrath, a special NPC has been added who can instantly tame any pet for hunters, teach them spells, and reset talents.
  • NPC Loremin in Shattrath can now teleport players to any location.
  • The global channels Russian and English have been merged into one - Global. To join it, type /join Global in the chat.
  • The proc rate of [Warglaive of Azzinoth] is now approximately 7%.
  • If a player dies in Shattrath, a corpse will no longer be created. This prevents the use of corpses to leave various messages.
  • In the character selection menu, all equipment is now displayed with active transmogrification (you need to change clothes for it to work).
Part of the planned updates not included in the list has been postponed to a future update.
All players need to delete the Cache folder in the game directory for some elements to display correctly.