Free WoW Burning Crusade Classic server

Moonwell x100 — highrate server based on original WoW 2.4.3
For our players convenience, we have added various modifications that do not break game balance
The same Burning Crusade Classic, but without boring leveling and farming
Server rates
Experience х100 • Drop х10 • Reputation х10
Professions х5 • Gold х5 • Honor Points х6
Instance reset every 48h
Arena Points distributed after every match

Easy start for new players

There is no need to get stuck for a long time in the early game stages. Get ready for battlegrounds, arena and raids after a couple of hours of playing.

  • • Fast leveling with х100 experience rates
  • • More loot with x10 drop rates
  • • Ground 100% mount given at character creation
  • Autolearning spells upon gaining new levels (including weapon skills)
  • • All flight stations are opened
  • Portals to major cities, capitals and instances
  • Solo 5-ppl heroic dungeons allows to farm BoJ without a group

Raids scaled for 15 players

Raid dungeons, such as Sunwell, Black Temple, Hyjal, have two difficulty modes. Take your pick: whether you want to chill out with easy bosses or experience the complexity of original Burning Crusade!

Normal raid mode
Scaled for 15 players
Reduced loot from endgame bosses
Easy and chill raiding
Heroic raid mode
Blizzlike bosses and loot
No HP/damage reductions
Additional rewards

Solo 3v3 arena

Play with random players in solo 3v3 rated arena and get real rating that can be used to buy any PvP equipment without restrictions.

Smart rating gain, no class and healer duplicates in team, unique like & report system that allows to gain additional rating from teammates.

Other server features

Starter «Rare» equipment for fresh lvl 70 characters can be bought in Shattrath for gold
А1 set is available on a discount

Free and easy dualspec for all players!
Change talents without having to reset them and place spells on the panels

Horde and Alliance can create groups, chat, trade, join guilds and participate together in BGs, arenas, and raids

Profession reagent vendors in exchange for Badge of Justice in Shattrath
Unlimited primary professions
Immediately gain 300 skill upon learning

Special NPC in Shattrath teleports you to all TBC dungeons and raids for free

For completing various tasks, you can receive unique mounts and other cosmetic items
All players around will know about your achievement!

With transmogrification, you can change the appearance of equipped items, while maintaining their stats
Create a mage in armor with a large ax in hands!

Heroic 5 man dungeons (such as: Botanica, The Blood Furnace, Arcatraz, etc.) is scaled for solo play.

Get Moon Coins for various in-game activities and buy unusual goods
For example, keys to chests that drop random item from raids dungeons

Attunements (keys, quests) are not required to enter raid dungeons

Guild House weekly event!
Be the most active guild to get a personal house and additional bonuses!

Free transfer from any server

Exchange your account for free from Atlantiss, Warmane, Endless, Tbc5man, Smolderforge or another server for «Fast Start» service

Get 70 level, А2/PvE gear, full enchants and gems, maxed professions and everything else for a comfortable game!

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