Moonwell x100
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Moonwell x5

Current stage of development: Beta testing
Release date: to be announced in November

You can now enter the game
The purpose of testing is to find missed errors and bugs. To make this task easier, for the duration of the beta test, the following simplifications are made:
  • Characters are created at level 70 with a teleportation book, mounts, bags and various currencies. 
  • All items in vendors are free to buy. 
  • No attunements required for raids.

At server release, all the listed bonuses and all characters will be removed. 
If you find any problems, please report to our bug tracker or create a ticket in Discord.
Testing stages:
  • October 27 - November 3 - Testing phase #1
  • November 3 - November 10 - Testing phase #2
  • November 10 - November 17 - Testing phase #3
  • November 17 - November 24 - Testing Phase #4
  • November 24 - December 1 - Testing Phase #5
  • December 1 - ?? December - Final testing
The description of the phases can be found on this page

What is server rates?
Experience x5 • Drop x2 • Reputation x2 • Professions x2 • Gold x2 • Honor Points x2 • Arena Points x1 (distributed every 3 days).
What modifications will be available after opening?
When creating a character, all players will receive a Book of Talents, which will allow you to quickly switch between specs. We considered that the lack of such an opportunity in TBC is a big omission.
Crossfactional groups, raids, BGs, chat, and so on. The hostility between the Horde and Alliance will remain only in the open world.
I want to take an active part in testing!
Those who want to help us in testing a new realm can apply for a Tester and receive special GM commands that will significantly speed up the process of finding errors.
Will the equipment be sold in the donation shop?
No, it won't.
Is it possible to reserve a nickname?
There will be no possibility of manually reserving nicknames, but for our regular Moonwell x100 players who have characters with a game time of more than 7 days, we will automatically reserve nicknames. Immediately after opening the server, level 1 characters with the same nicknames will appear on their accounts, which you will need to delete and recreate with the necessary parameters. All characters with reserved nicknames will be deleted after 7 days.

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