Fresh WoW TBC server

Moonwell x5 is a free WoW 2.4.3 private server, created from players to players. Various modifications, which all lacked in Burning Crusade. Game content and mechanics are still blizz-like based. There will be no gears available in donation-shop, and we're proud to guarantee that we'll keep this way throughout the entire server life.

Release date

December 23, 2022
Server rates
Type: PvP • Exp х5 • Drop х2 • Reputation х2
Profession х2 • Gold х1 • Honor Points х2 (on weekend х3)
Arena Points x1 (distributed every 3 days)

Raids are more difficult than usual

Defeating bosses is now more difficult — you need to prepare more carefully and memorize all tactics. Creatures HP/damage modificators in raids increased, but the original mechanics are left untouched. Intensified raids will be a real challenge even for old fans of Burning Crusade. Gather your friends and prove that you are worthy to get the best equipment first on the server!

Too hard? Don't worry, with the new phase release, raid creatures modificators of the previous phase will be lowered to the standard values.


Don't miss the opportunity to relive all the iconic moments of The Burning Crusade patch! Content opens gradually over the course of a year. New raids, items, quests, drops, and more become available. Raid from T4 to the Sunwell Plateau and the final boss, Kil'Jeden, and take part in all arena seasons.

Detailed information on exactly what changes occur in the phases can be found here.

Phase #1 (T4, A1)
January 2023
Phase #2 (T5, A2)
March 2023
Phase #3 (T6, A3)
May 2023
Phase #4 (ZA)
Phase #5 (SWP, A4)

Free dualspec

All players automatically receive a Book of Talents when they create a character, which can be used to save talent specs and switch between them instantly anywhere, while maintaining the spell placement in panels.

Now you don't have to fly from raid to town to reset talents. Dualspec is exactly what many players lacked in Burning Crusade!

Hardcore mode

The choice is yours — play as usual with x5 experience rates, or play Hardcore mode and get experience without multipliers. Only for true difficulty lovers! Level-up your character to level 70 and earn special rewards — the legendary Turtle mount, a unique tabard and a 36 slot bag.

Other server features

Horde and Alliance can create groups, chat, trade, join guilds and participate together in BGs, arenas, and raids

On weekends, honor point rates are doubled. The best time to play Battlegrounds!

Arena points are awarded every 3 days instead of the usual 7 days

Participate in the referral program! Invite your friends to the game and get 50 gold for each active referral. The most active participants will receive a unique Bone Gryphon!

Active arena with special rewards for season winners

Auction is now more convenient — a special NPC has been added to Shattrath City

A separate dueling area for players of both factions, where you can not only find out who is stronger, but also have a heart-to-heart talk. Portal is located in Shattrath City

Activate a premium and get various time-saving bonuses

Over 12 years of stable work!

since 2011
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Raid & PVP
core and DB
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low ping
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