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Fast Start

«Fast start» service will allow you to save time and immediately get a character of any class and race ready for you!
You will get:
Character race, class and appearance of your choice!
Instant lvl 70
PvE/PvP gear with ~A2 ilvl
15 epic sokets and 1 meta socket
Unlimited enchants for 3 days
 Max skill proffesions 
100% ground mount, 60% fly mount(plus the riding skill required to use them) 
4x 18 slot bags
300 gold
Armor and Weapon skills maxed out
How it works?
1. Activate «Fast start»
Log in into control panel, activate service or get it for free by making a transfer request

2. Create a new character
Log in into the game and create a character of any class, race and appearance

3. Select the desired items on our website
There are about 700 different items to choose from (weapons, armor, jewelry)

4. Confirm, send items by mail
After confirmation, all selected items will be sent to your in-game mail

5. Log into the game and have fun with your new character!
Your character will spawn in Shattrath City near the mailbox