Moonwell x100
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About premium

Activate premium and get various bonuses that help simplify the game and farm faster! Bonuses work on all characters on the account!

Premium accounts receive:
  • Summon premium NPCs for repairs, item sales, purchasing class reagents, and food
  • Access to a personal bank
  • Access to the auction house
  • Access to the mailbox
  • Battleground registration
  • Arena team registration
  • Free talent reset on the spot
  • Ground mount Dragonhawk (available at Shattrath City)
Additional bonuses on Moonwell x100:
  • Receive [Emblem of Triumph] increased by 50%
  • Receive [Moon Coin] for soul exchange increased by 50%
  • Receive honor points increased by 50%
  • Receive arena points increased by 50%
  • Receive [Badge of Justice] increased by 50%
  • Teleportation book allowing instant travel to multiple locations
  • 10% chance to recover the used key after opening a custom chest (Raid, Antique, Phantom, etc.)

If the quantity of items eligible for a 50% bonus is odd, for example, 3 pieces, then you have an even chance of receiving either 4 or 5 pieces.

After activating premium, you can summon an interactive robot NPC using the command .premium (shortened to .prem). For your convenience, a Premium Remote will be added to your backpack to summon the robot, which you can place on the command bar. Premium applies to all characters on the account.

You can activate a premium account in your control panel.