Moonwell x100
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About premium

Activate a premium and get various bonuses that will help you save time!

Premium accounts have the following benefits:
  • Calling a premium NPC to repair, sell items, buy reagents and food
  • Access to your personal bank
  • Access to the auction house
  • Access to mailbox
  • Battleground registration
  • Free remote talent reset 
  • Arena team registration
  • Dragonhawk ground mount (can be obtained in center of Shattrath)

Additional bonuses on Moonwell x100:
  • Honor points gain increased by 50%
  • Arena points gain increased by 50%
  • Badge of Justice count increased by 50%
  • A teleportation book which can teleport you to cities, dungeons and more
  • 10% chance to return a key after opening a custom chest (Raid, Antique, Ghost, etc.)

After activating the premium feature, you can call the interactive NPC robot using the .premium command (.prem shorter) and use the premium features in any convenient place. To make it much easier, a Premium Remote will be added to your bag to call forth a robot, which can be put on your action bar. 
The premium feature is account-wide, so every character on the account benefit from it.

You can activate premium account in control panel.