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Arena seasons

Our server regularly hosts seasonal competitions for the top arena gladiators. Each season lasts for three months, during which players need to achieve high positions in the rankings to receive valuable rewards. At the end of each season, the arena statistics are reset, and all participants start a new season with a clean slate.

Rewards are given to the top players of the 2v2 Arena and the 3v3 Solo Arena.

1st Place

2nd Place

3rd Place

4th-7th Places

8th-11th Places

12th-15th Places


To receive rewards, participants in the 2v2 Arena must meet the following conditions:
  • Each team member must participate in at least 75% of the team's battles.
  • The difference between personal rating and team rating should not exceed 150 points.
  • If a team does not have two members who meet the above conditions, the team will be disqualified, and their prize place will be awarded to the next team in the rankings.
We would like to remind you that account/character sharing with third parties for rating boosting is strictly prohibited. At the discretion of the administration, players with suspicious statistics may be deprived of rewards or banned in accordance with the server rules.