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Promotions and bonuses

Active bonuses
Bonuses for server voting
Accumulative bonus on donations
The accumulative bonus allows you to receive bonus coins when donating in control panel.The more you replenish your balance, the higher accumulative bonus you get !
  • 5% bonus if donated 500 coins total
  • 10% bonus if donated 2000 coins total
  • 15% bonus if donated 8000 coins total
  • 25% bonus if donated 15000 coins total
You can find out your current bonus here.
Referral system
Read here.
Bonus codes in Discord
We publish bonus codes in our Discord server in channel #events! On random days (on average 2 times a week) and random times (from 13:00 to 23:00 (GTM +3)). First 30 players who use this command in game will receive a Bonus Chest!

Example: .code 09F2-64E6-EAF6-0526

Don't forget to turn on Discord alerts so you can activate codes faster than others!
Our Discord link: