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Promotions and bonuses

Active bonuses
Coins for voting server
Accumulative bonus on donations
The accumulative bonus allows you to receive bonus coins when donating in control panel. More you replenish your balance, higher accumulative bonus!
  • 5% bonus if donated 100 coins total
  • 10% bonus if donated 500 coins total
  • 15% bonus if donated 2000 coins total
  • 25% bonus if donated 5000 coins total
You can find out your current bonus here.
Referral system
Each account on our server has a personal referral link, you can find it out here. Send the link to your friends and get bonuses that will help you when playing together, as well as receive passive bonuses for each invitee, regardless of whether you are playing together or not.

What bonuses can I get using the referral system?
  • Premium account for 1 day to invitee and invitee (only once). Activated in your account using the button "Activate premium for 1 day" (available only if you have not previously activated the premium by code).
  • More experience when playing in a group
  • The ability to increase the level of a friend's character and call him (teleport to himself)
  • 100 gold for each invited player who is wearing full badge equipment or better
  • Moonwell x100: Possibility to get the legendary "Bone Griffin" mount if 5 invited players wear full badge equipment or better
  • 5% of all deposits made by invited players. If 5 invited players add 100 coins to your balance, you will receive 25 coins.

How to become a referral if I did not register using a link?
  • Within 7 days after registering an account, you can indicate in personal account the referral link of the player who invited you and become his referral (invited).
Bonus codes in Discord
Every day from 13-00 to 23-00 (GMT +3) we publish bonus codes in our Discord server in channel #bonuses. Enter them in the game chat using .code command and get prizes!

Example: .code 09F2-64E6-EAF6-0526

If you manage to enter the code faster than other players, you will receive one of following prizes:
  • Antique Key and Chest
  • 30 BOJ
  • 2000 honor points
  • 250 arena points
  • Premium account for 7 days

Don't forget to turn on Discord alerts so you can activate codes faster than others!
Our Discord link: