Moonwell x100
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Promotions and bonuses

Current promotions
Awards for voting in ratings
Donation cumulative bonus
The accumulative bonus allows you to receive bonus coins when donating. The more donate, the higher accumulative bonus you get!
  • 5% bonus if donated 500 coins total
  • 10% bonus if donated 2000 coins total
  • 15% bonus if donated 8000 coins total
  • 25% bonus if donated 15000 coins total
You can find out your current bonus in control panel.
Referral system

Moonwell x100
Gift to all new players
Subscribe to our Reddit to be always up to date with all the important server news. In return, you will receive a [Subscriber's Chest] that contains valuable beginner's items! All instructions for activating the gift will be sent to you in a personal message after subscribing.

Chest loot on Moonwell x100

Moonwell x5
Leveling to 70 with x1 experience rates
Levelup your character to level 70 with experience rates x1 and get rewarded with a unique mount [Fantastic Turtle] and tabard, as well as a bag for 36 slots! Activate HARDCORE mode with the command .xp hardcore before reaching level 10 and do not disable it until you get level 70, otherwise you will not be able to receive a special reward. The NPC for the award is located in the center of Shattrath.