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What is a Bugtracker?

Bugracker is a place where all the bugs and errors of our server and website are collected. Its main objective is to systematize the tracking of all bugs so that it is easy for us to handle and fix them.

Why are players being asked to submit bug reports?

As with any unofficial server, we often receive working capability complaints - broken quests, incorrectly working resilence, or issues with Bosses abilities and spells. Some problems can be resolved through a GM ticket right in the game, but sometimes the player needs to create a bug report on his own. 

Here the player may ask the question - why should he create a bug report? Isn't it a server stuff responsibility? Why doesn't GM create a bug report "from his own words"? This is because there is a tendency among players to believe that if something is wrong in their opinion, then it actually is. In such cases, the players are guided by the arguments: "This is an unofficial server"; "I played on another server where it is not like that"; "on the retail it is different"; Saying "doesn't work" is very simple, checking the information and making sure how it should actually work - it is way more difficult to do, and, unfortunately, it is being neglected very often.

Filtering prejudices from real problems on our own is an unreasonable investment of time, so this task is assigned to the bug tracker. If the player spent a little of his time, complete the bug report accurately, and provide info that will confirm a bug, then almost certainly the problem really exists and requires the attention of the developers. We did not have time for anything else if we were engaged in checking every unargued complaint. Of course, "false complaints"; it is not the only reason for GMs to not create bug reports on their own. There are other organizational and conceptual nuances here. For example, it is easier for the player to explain what he thinks is working incorrectly than if the GM did it for him, or by going into the bug tracker, the player can find a topic where his bug has already been reported and described. Therefore, please do not be lazy and create bug reports if necessary, as it is in our common interest to make the server better.

However, some fixes, depending on the complexity, can be applied without the presence of bug reports. In cases when the GM asks you to create a bug report, then please, do so.

Before writing a bug report:

  • Make sure there is a bug (read the wowwiki, see the comments on wowhead related to this bug, and if possible, watch the video corresponding to this bug on YouTube)
  • See if there is an already existing report regarding the bug that you want to report(so that your bug report is not a duplicate)
  • Collect enough information about the bug so that we can understand what exactly is wrong and how it should be
  • After completing all the preliminary steps chose the appropriate section. If none of the sections suits you, then choose the Other section

Now let's move on to creating a bug report:

  • Go to our bug tracker  
  • Create a new bug report 
  • In the title, enter a short description of your bug (for example, "The Creeping Ooze mob does not use the spell") 
  • In the content of the bug report, first, write a full description of your bug report (if your report concerns a task, creature, spell, object, object - be sure to include its name and a link to the web page - without this, the bug report will be rejected)
  • After that, you need to describe how it should be, at this point, it is mandatory to provide information with confirmation on how exactly it should work (refer to WoWWiki, Wowhead, wowpedia, YouTube video from the retail server, retail server forums, blue-posts ). Without confirmation, your report will be rejected
  • Describe the steps you can take to reproduce the bug
  • Your screenshots, video recordings with a bug. You can upload screenshots to free image hosting


  • Do not write several problems in 1 bug report, this will automatically lead to the rejection of the bug report. 1 bug = 1 bug report 
  • The better your bug report is described, the easier and faster we can fix it. A good description significantly reduces the time that is spent by developers to find, check information, and then solving a problem
  • If you find a bug in the game and write about it everywhere, but not in the bug tracker, then 99% that the developers do not know about it and will never know. The only way to report a bug so that the developer take a look into it and will add it to the queue for fixing is to report the bug to the bug tracker
  • You should not regularly update bug reports by yourself, it will be much more effective for other players to add comments to your bug report - the interest in fixing a bug of several people increases the priority of the bug report and the speed of fixing it.
  • Sometimes there may be a problem with the reproduction of a bug in the game, so for such cases, it is recommended to shoot a video with a visual example and the procedure for reproducing the bug. To do this, we recommend a free program Bandicam for Windows and the standard built-in QuickTime Player for Mac O

Why the bug report is not being considered for a long time?

We are handling bugs in terms of priority. With high priority - are fixed faster, with the low priority - are fixed later. Developers' resources, unfortunately, are limited, so some bugs might be considered for a very long time.

What is the reward for critical bugs?

For critical bugs that can break server economy (get a lot of game currency, dupe items) or significantly disrupt the gameplay players can receive a reward of up to 1000 coins. 

Only useful information can be rewarded. It may be that we already know about the bug, or we do not consider it critical, so the reward is issued after an individual assessment. Our priority is to prevent the consequences of using serious bugs, so we are always glad to reward players.