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Found a bug in the game or on the website? Report it in our bugtracker on Discord.

A bug tracker is a specialized place where all errors and bugs of our server and website are collected.

If the issue requires immediate attention or relates to "here and now" errors, you should create a ticket in #support so that we can react faster.

We strive to facilitate the feedback process, making it as transparent and convenient as possible. However, due to potential spam, strict publication rules apply, which must be followed. Otherwise, your message may be removed without explanation. The rules can be found when creating a publication.

For reporting critical bugs, a reward of up to 3000 coins may be given, solely at the discretion of the administration. Rewards for information about a bug are possible only if the bug can be used for personal gain and it is not advantageous to disclose it to the administration. For example, bugs involving farming, server crashes, various abuses, and so on. That's why we propose a deal: you disclose the bug, and we compensate for potential losses from the inability to use the bug in the form of coins. It is in our best interest to completely prevent the use of such bugs, so we are always ready to generously reward players for the benefit of the server.

The decision to issue rewards is made solely by the administration. It may happen that we are already aware of the bug, or we do not consider it suitable according to the described criteria, so the reward is given only after individual assessment. If you do not want to publish such information under your name, submit a ticket or email us at [email protected].

We classify errors by priority: urgent ones are fixed immediately, less critical ones can wait. This system organizes the workflow and allows us to focus on key issues, which improves our efficiency. Please note that we fix bugs as time allows.

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