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Custom chests

What it is?
Chests are in-game items that contain random loot.

How to open a chest?
Each chest requires a corresponding key.

Where to get the keys?
Keys can be bought from Grithena, or you can get it by completing Izuar quests. They can drop from bosses. Some keys are rewarded only for completing heroic raid quests. Keys are also sold in the donate shop.

Where to get chests?
Same place as the keys. Chests have a small chance to drop from any monster in the game.

What to do with unwanted drops?
Unwanted items that dropped from the chest can be disenchanted (the required skill is always in spell book), getting Shards that can be combined into one key of same type.

Any bonuses for premium account?
With premium account active you have a 10% chance to return the used key back after opening any chest.

Antique Chest
What is it?
Antique Chest contains extremely rare mounts, tabards, companions, and gadgets that cannot be obtained through normal gameplay. Opening this chest will give you one random item. All items are visual additions and do not provide any in-game advantage.

Where can I see what items drop from the chest and the chances?
Antique Chest.
Raid Chests
What is it?
There are two Raid Chests available in the game. Each contains one random weapon, armor, or jewelry from specific dungeons listed in the item description. The higher chest quality - the better drop.

How is loot generated in chests?
Only items suitable for your class can drop from chests. If your character is multispec, then upon opening you will be prompted to select a spec for which items will drop out. Also keep in mind that you can drop items that you already have.

How to specify drop parameters?
Before opening a raid chest, you can specify parameters that will affect the items will drop with the command .raidchest
Comman syntax: .raidchest SPEC (physdmg/spelldmg/heal/tank) CLASS (warrior/paladin/hunter/rogue/priest/shaman/mage/warlock/druid) DROPALL (yes/no)
SPEC - character spec for which items will drop
CLASS - character class for which items will drop out. The default is the current character class
DROPALL - if yes is specified, all possible items for the specified spec and class will drop. Without specifying this parameter or specifying no, only armor and jewelry will drop.
.raidchest physdmg - will drop only physical damage items for your class
.raidchest spelldmg druid - will drop only armor and jewelery for magic damage for druids
.raidchest heal shaman yes - will drop any items for healing for shamans
In most cases, you only need to specify only spec. The rest parameters are needed to drop BIS (best in your class) gear and gear for transmogrification.

Can it drop items that I already have?
Yes they can.

Where can I see what items drop from the chest and the chances?
Epic Raid Chest
Legendary Raid Chest

Here you can view which items can drop for classes with certain spec.
Ghost Chest
What is it?
Ghost Chest contains Morphing Shirts, that can morph you to another creature. For example, Thrall or Sylvana.

Where I can see how models look like?
On this page.

Where can I see what shirts drop from the chest and the chances?
Ghost Chest
Azerite Chest
What is it?
Azerite Chest contains Aura Tabards, that can apply some visual aura to your character. For example, paladin wings, glow or etc.

Where I can see how auras look like?
On this page.

Where can I see what shirts drop from the chest and the chances?
Azerite Chest