If you cannot log in to the game, please, change realmlist.wtf to "set realmlist login.moonwell.su", or download ready file at https://moonwell.su/play
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Server commands

The following commands are available to players (enter in the game chat):

Command Description
.xp blizzlike Sets rates for the experience to x1 for the current character. Upon reaching level 70 at x1 rates, special bonus items are granted, but to receive them, you should not switch rates from x1 to x3 after reaching level 10.
.xp default Sets the default experience rates (x3) for the current character
.xp freeze Freezes/unfreezes experience gain for the current character
.gm ingame Displays a list of GMs that are available in-game
.coins Displays your current coin balance
.prem Calls on an assistant to use the functions of the premium account
.shop Summons NPC "Donat Shop" (visible only to the summoner)
.event activelist Displays a list of active events
.server info Displays basic information about the server and the arena points distribution date.
.st Teleports your character to the starting location if for some reason you cannot use the Hearthstone
.weather on/off Turns on / off the weather display (applies to the entire account)
.account bones Turn on/off the display of killed players skeletons
.lang important Enable/disable the display of important server messages in Russian, regardless of the game client language
.arenabgann Enable/disable BG and arena announcements in chat
.deltransmog  Delete Saved Item Model for Transmogrification
.bgstats Show your battleground statistic