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Guild House

Only in Moonwell x100

In a hidden location called "GM Island" there is a beautiful house with various amenities. Only guilds that have won a special auction will be able to have it for a certain period. All players can visit "GM island" through the portal in Shattrath, however, Guild House guards will not allow anyone but its owners to approach the house. In addition to an exclusive visit, all guild members will have access to the Blue Qiraji battle tank and an unlimited buff for +10% of all stats.

How does the Guild House auction work?
Guild members can donate Moon Coins to support their guild at special NPC Farus in Shattrath City. Every week, guild with the greatest amount of coins scored wins. You can also find out who, when and how many coins given at Farus. Thus, guild masters can assign special Moon Coin quotas to their members and monitor their implementation.

For how many time a winner guild will control the Guild House?
For a week.

Is there a new guild that owns the house every week?
Yes. The same guild can become house owner again.

What time does the auction end?
Every Saturday at 20:00 server time.

How many coins can one player give?
You can deposit from 1 to 100 coins at a time. In total, there is no limit, but no more than 100 coins per hour for each guild.

Will I get Moon Coins back if my guild loses the auction?
No, coins are not refundable.

What is the + 10% buff of all stats?
There is a Mysterious Book in Guild House cellar. When used you get a buff + 10% of the main stats (strength, agility, etc.) for 24 hours. Works everywhere, except arena. You can use buff again without any restrictions. In case of loss of control over house or being kicked from guild, the buff is lost.

What is the Blue Qiraji Battle Tank?
The Blue Qiraji Battle Tank is a custom ground mount. From the NPC near the Guild House, you can take a crystal to summon it. Mount does not disappear from the inventory, but can only be used by members of the guild that owns the Guild House at the moment.

What are the facilities in the Guild House?
Mailbox, guild bank, auctioneer, portal master, profession master and all his props, moon coin exchanger (like Grithena), daily quest NPC (like Izuar), training dummies and battlemasters (arena/BG).

How can you quickly get to the Guild House?
Take the key from the butler when entering the house. You can quickly teleport with it.