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Invite friends

Take part in our referral system! Invite your friend and immediately get the following bonuses: 
  • Your balance will be credited with 5% of all donations made by invited players. 
  • Premium account for 1 day for you and your friend (only 1 time). Can be activated in control panel. 
  • Possibility to level up a friend's character and teleport him to yourself. 
  • Twice as much experience when playing in a group. 

If the invited player will actively play on the server — will pump up, get dressed, go on raids and so on, then he will become yours An active referral. For each Active referral and you will receive one Referral coin, which can be spent on the purchase of special bonuses from NPC Vildair in Shattrath.
How to invite a friend and where to find your referral link?
Copy your referral link in your control panel and give it to a friend. He will immediately become your referral (invited player) as soon as he registers.
Forgot to specify the link when registering. What to do?
Unfortunately, you will no longer be able to become a referral after registration.
What can't be done?
If the system detects that you and the referral are playing from the same computer, the referral will be automatically unlinked. For intentional farming of referral system bonuses by one player, you can get an indefinite ban.
How do I find out how many active referrals I have?
You can find out your total number of registrations by link and active referrals in the game at the Vildair NPC or in control panel.