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Legendary weapon

In the original version of The Burning Crusade patch, legendary weapons are only available to warriors, rogues, and hunters. We believe this is unfair, and all classes deserve equal opportunities. It's important to understand that the game developers had planned for future versions and patches where new legendary weapons would be added. Our server remains true to a specific version, and we do not plan to transition to future versions. Therefore, on the Moonwell x100 server, we have decided to create new legendary weapons for all classes that seamlessly fit into the game's content and provide exciting opportunities for players who want to try something new within the familiar version of the game.

We have invested a significant amount of time and effort in creating the new legendary weapons. We have studied numerous materials and formulas used in the game, based on which calculations were made. Every stat and every proc percentage has been carefully calculated mathematically. The weapons have been tested in specially simulated vacuum conditions, taking into account various factors and class-specific characteristics.

How to obtain the new legendary weapons?
Like the original legendary weapons, the new ones can be purchased with [Emblem of Triumph] — a special currency awarded for completing Challenge Mode raids and PvP daily quests.

Can it be used in PvP?
Yes, the new legendary weapons are available in Battlegrounds and arenas without any restrictions.

Can the new legendary weapons drop from the Legendary Chest?
Not at the moment.
  • [Bloodthirst]
  • Proc chance: 3.6% (melee)
  • Cooldown: 60 seconds
  • Proc chance is 0.18% if the set bonus is inactive