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Solo 3v3 arena

Perhaps some of you are faced with a situation where you wanted to play arena, but you cannot find a suitable partner. Thanks to the 3v3 single-player arena, you can now play with random players!
  • Arena points are given of the amount equal to 50% of standard value for solo 3v3 arena matches
  • Personal rating can be used to buy arena equipment
  • Registering to the arena through the Battlemaster at the center of Shattrath City creates a team automatically
  • Solo Arena 3x3 team cannot be deleted 
  • Rating decrease/increase calculation depends on member's personal rating and opponent's enemy team average rating.
  • Arena battle will end as draw without changing the rating and statistics for all participants if at the beginning of the arena battle the composition of the teams is incomplete 
  • To join the queue, you must have a suitable character: level 70, at least an hour of playing time, do not have free talent points, have a sufficient level of items... and some other restrictions to make battles interesting and take place in more or less equal conditions
  • Arena battle begins as soon as there are six players in the queue. There are no restrictions on the formation of teams: any combination of classes and races can be caught (but only one healer per team). It is done to start an arena battle as quickly as possible
  • You cannot invite players to your team
  • You will receive the status of a deserter and will not be able to register again within 10 minutes if you do not accept the invitation to join the battle or leave the arena before it starts
  • You can use arena spectator to watch arena battles.
  • There is a team for reporting AFK and succumbing players - .report nickname. Under certain conditions, access to a single 3x3 arena may be denied for 2 hours if a player receives a lot of reports 
  • Solo 3v3 arena teams are removed at the start of a new 2v2 arena season
  • Arena statistics is available in character "PvP" tab (team rating is always equal to personal rating)