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What is transmogrification?
With transmogrification, players can change the appearance of equipped items, while maintaining all its characteristics. The changes will be visible to all players around. You can go to raids and BGs with good parameters and excellent appearance!

How it works?
Transmogrificator is a special item that used for transmogrification. It can be used directly from your inventory in any convenient place. When you click, you will open a menu with a list of slots where you can save item models.

Select a slot and drag the item from your bag into the window to save its model.

To save each model, Goblin batteries are used (bought from Grithena in Shattrath, or in the Donate shop), different for each group of slots. Models that you saved already can be used in the future without restrictions.

Finally, click on the item in the window to apply transmogrification.

How to get it?
Transmogrificator can be obtained from Ethereal Alaan in Shattrath City by made one of the following conditions:
  • Reach 2100 arena rating in 2v2 arena and pay 5000 arena points.
  • At the time of purchase, you must have 100 BG wins, 10 BG wins in a row, and pay 75000 honor points
  • (PvE conditions not yet available)
  • Buy in donate shop for 299 coins

We give players free rein! On our server, there are practically no restrictions on transmogrification. You can transmogrify items without characteristics (hats, shirts...), any two-handed weapons into two-handed ones, any one-handed weapons into one-handed ones (staves into two-handed swords, daggers into one-handed axes ...), as well as one type of armor into any other (cloth into plate, plate into leather, leather into chain...). Thus, you can create a mage in plate armor with a large axe in hands!