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Update list #52

  • Reworked loot from Archimonde, Illidan and all bosses in the Sunwell Plateau. Now they are guaranteed to drop one piece of equipment, and T6 tokens drop out in a separate group (if it is available in loot). In exception, Brutall, Satrovarr and Felmust drops an item of equipment with a 35% chance, or Legendary key instead. You can see boss loot in our database
  • HP of trash in all raids in normal mode reduced by 50%
  • Sunwell HP modifier changed from -80% to -75%.

Battlegrounds and arena: 
  • Solo 3v3 teams formation is now completely random and no longer depends on the order of registration of participants.
  • BG now changes every hour, instead of once every two hours.
  • The .report command was removed, which allowed complaining about players for inappropriate play in a single 3x3 arena, now this functionality is available in the Arena Master. To file a complaint against a player, you must be in the arena.

Game world:
  • Added Light Feather to Reagent Vendor Anrianne.
  • If a player drops a valuable item from a Raid Chest, then a notification is written to the entire server in the chat.

  • Fixed a bug where the log of guild members' actions was not displayed.