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Update list #55

World changes: 
  • Alterac now available every day at 21:00 for one hour. 
  • NPC Loremin, which allows you to teleport to instances, is now also located in Orgrimmar and Stormwind near portals. 
  • Heroic Hyjal is no longer available.
  • The requirements for obtaining the Transmogfiricator from NPC Alaan have been changed.
  • Players are prohibited from speaking in any global channels other than Russian and English.
  • Players can no longer store more than 200 Moon Coins. Those who had more than 200 coins before the update were sent the rest by mail (you need to spend the existing ones to take them).
  • Training dummy health at the beginning of training is now equal to 20% of the maximum, which allows you to use certain skills on it, depending on enemy current health.
  • Changed the drop rates of Morphing Shirts in the Ghost Chest.
  • All bosses in Heroic Naxxramas, Sunwell Plateau and Black Temple now drop an additional Antique Key / Legendary Key / Buff Scroll / Battery Bag / Graccu's Fruitcake x20.
  • Many informative messages have been added.
  • Now, you don't need to complete a quest to take a daily quest for MGT.

Heroic Naxxramas:
  • Raid adapted for 15 players.
  • The second floor now opens after killing the main bosses in all four blocks.
  • Fixed some bugs with bosses.

Izuar (quest NPC in Shattrath City):
  • The reward for completing quests for heroics for 5 players has been removed.
  • Removed all custom quests for T5 raids.
  • Added a quest to obtain special parts from Kil'jaeden and Illidan in Heroic modes. Reward: Transmogrificator.
  • Added a quest to kill all bosses in T5 raids. Reward: 20 Moon Coins.
  • Added a quest to kill all bosses in T6 raids. Reward: 20 Moon Coins.
  • Added a quest to kill Kel'Thuzad in Heroic Naxxramas. Reward: Ghost Key.

Solo 3v3 arena:
  • Only players with a resilience rating 100 or more can now register.
  • Now, if a player does not enter the arena or exits before it starts, then he always gets -15 rating.
  • Fixed a bug when a deserter mask was hung on the player after the arena start.
  • Players can now rate their teammates in Arena Master menu after each game. Like will increase the teammate's rating by 1, and the report will decrease by 1. If a player receives too many reports, he will be banned from playing in a solo 3v3 arena for 24 hours. This system can help improve arena competitive performance. Some players expected the implementation of a "black list" in which they could avoid certain players in their team, but we abandoned this idea, as it can be abused.
  • Algorithms for selecting teams have been changed. Now the time when the player joined the queue is proceeding and there will be no problems when arena does not call the player several arenas in a row.

All players need to delete Cache folder in game directory to be able to see some changes!