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Update list #58

  • New automatic event Guild House.
  • Changed the reward for completing custom daily quests for clearing t5 and t6 raids. Now, instead of Moon Coins, a Legendary Key is issued (for completing two quests).
  • Added a new mount - Blue Qiraji Resonating Crystal. Players whose guild wins the Guild House auction will be able to get it.
  • Custom mount vendors are moved to Shattrath City center.
  • Crafted equipment with magic resistances is now BoE.
  • Increased Moon Coin cost for honor and arena points.
  • Slightly increased the cost of goods selling for Moon Coins.
  • Changed item drop rates from raid chests.
  • All bosses in Black Temple, Sunwell Plateau and Hyjal drop one Moon Coin. In heroic modes, one coin drops for the entire raid.