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Update list #79

  • Fixed portals in Naxxramas that had a faction restriction.
  • Epic, Antique, Azerite and Ghost Chests can now be sold to a vendor for a small amount of gold.
  • The world bosses in the Gurubashi Arena now appear right on time.
  • Now, all players automatically join the guild when they enter the game for the first time. This guild is not controlled by anyone.
  • Fixed registration for multiple BG at once.
  • Vengeful Gladiator's Waraxe price has been changed to 800 arena points (blizzlike).
  • Rotten Bear is removed from game and player inventory due to an error it was not personal after buying. Those wishing to return the goods spent please contact support until the end of August.
  • Significant changes in the logging system.
  • If the player cannot get the item won by the group loot (offline or full bags), then it will be unlocked and any other member of the group will be able to pick it up.
  • The IP restriction now works globally for all BG, not just one.
  • The original introductory video was returned when the character first entered the game.
  • Starting from the current moment, the administration will deal with the distribution of dishonestly obtained loot in raids, if it is possible to determine who should have received it from the logs. For example, if your roll was the highest, and the item was given to another player, then we will take it and send it to you by mail. Also, the administration will begin to consider cases of fraud with the group (when a player finds an unsuitable thing for him). Read server rules.