Moonwell x100
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Update list #90

General changes:
  • Global Chat is divided into 2 new channels for players who speak Russian and English. Use /join Russian or /join English to join. Recommended joining both channels at once to find groups faster.
  • Transformation into a winter dwarf (PX-238 Winter Wondervolt) is temporarily disabled due to an exploit found with PvP mode. 
  • As an exception, restored referral status of all players who have logged in from the same computer with the invited player since the launch Moonwell x5. We remind you that you can not do this.
  • Fixed items linking in chat that have random properties.
  • Marks for forcibly completed BG on planned restart are now only issued to players who have spent at least 5 minutes on the battleground.
  • A lot of work has been done on map geodata. Fixed cases of NPCs falling through textures while moving.
  • Fixed the totems summoned by NPCs. They now do not move or rotate.
  • Removed stats from "Common" quality items, as they should not be there.

Moonwell x5:
  • Added spell books to totems boxes from the donation shop. All those who bought these boxes, we sent the books by mail.
  • Removed all messages related to the ranking BG.
  • Lowered the limits on sending personal messages to different players.

Moonwell x100:
  • Enabled .bg command to register a BG anywhere.