Moonwell x100
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Update list #91

General changes:
  • Items that can be used to take quests no longer disappear when a quest is taken.
  • The time for reconnecting the leader, before the leadership passes to another player, reduced from 3 minutes to 2.
  • When a referral is forcibly unlinked for violating the terms, a letter is now sent to the mail in the game.
  • Updated system, responsible for server protection from game client opcode spamming. Forced kicks due to unstable internet connection should happen less often.
  • Some minor changes regarding system messages and server commands.

  • Fixed a visual bug where an NPC's aura causing root effects would not be removed.
  • Fixed Boiling Blood quest.
  • Fixed a rare bug with infinite combat.
  • Fixed an issue with some escort quests where an NPC would get stuck in one place when entering combat.
  • Fixed getting Soul Shard by warlock when in a group.
  • Changed the location of Warcaller Sardon Truslice NPC.
  • Fixed bugs in several NPCs that would not allow them to attack at close range.
  • Goblin Commoner in Booty Bay now only appear during event time.
  • Fixed Ahune boss appearance. Some players managed to kill this boss on Moonwell x5, which shouldn't be in the game right now, so we will replace the loot with nearby Rare analogs.
  • Explosive Sheep has been removed from sale. It should only be created with a profession.

Moonwell x5:
  • Global channels are now available to players from level 15.
  • Added a mailbox near the auctioneer in Shattrath.
  • Removed Reins of Wyvern from all players who were able to get it for free due to a bug in the script.
  • Members of the referral program no longer receive a bonus to experience if their level differs by more than 10.

Moonwell x100:
  • Normal raids capacity changed to max 10 players instead of 15. Reduced HP and damage modifiers respectively.