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Update list #93

General changes:

Karazhan and the Gruul's Lair:
  • Revised HP/damage modifiers for trash and bosses. Optimal values have been set (changes for the Gruul's Lair will be applied today at 18:00 server time). Now it is easier than it was yesterday, but still significantly more complicated than the original. These urgent changes were caused by too high modifiers and are not related to server first kill. We will continue to stick with the concept of challenging raids. The next modifier reduction will occur with the Phase 2 release, as planned. Guild raid <Fun Raid>, which even in such incredibly difficult conditions managed to complete Karazhan, as the first-passers were given coins as a reward.
  • Fixed trash linking with bosses.
  • Fixed trash  respawn time in Karazhan - it is now 2 hours. In the Gruul's Lair, the respawn time remains 1 hour, as it should be.
  • On relog while in a instance the player no longer teleports to the city.