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Update list #94


  • Corrected items restock timers in all vendors according to official sources. Restock time remains long and reaches 12 hours for the most valuable items as it should.
  • Fixed the location of NPC Priestess Anetta.
  • AOE spells of chess pieces in Karazhan no longer deal damage to players.
  • Fixed all known bugs with NPCs used in escort quests.

Other bugfixes:
  • Fixed bug with threat generation from Righteous Fury paladin.
  • Fixed a rare bug with 0 HP, when an NPC could continue to attack the player.
  • NPC current emotion is now not reset when attacked.
  • Reworked the NPC's automatic evade system if target is unreachable.
  • Probably fixed the bug with the cyclic movement of NPCs when following a target.
  • Crashfixes.

Anti-Bot System:
  • When purchasing items that have a restock time in vendor, players must now pass a bot check by writing a special code in chat. This will prevent the automatic recipe buying.
  • During the game, the player may be prompted to pass a bot check if suspicious activity is detected. 
  • Please let us know in Discord, if this system will cause you discomfort. We will work to improve it.

General changes:
  • When getting automute now player gets a reason message depending on client language.