Moonwell x100
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Update list #95

General changes:
  • In Karazhan you can now only control Horde figures, as the Alliance figures use modifiers.
  • Magtheridon now drops one universal quest item, suitable for each faction.
  • Fixed bug with the specializations, when after unlearning the spell remained in spellbook. Thus, you could have several specializations at once. Removed all of the specializations for players who had more than one in a particular profession. As compensation, 20 gold was mailed to these players so that they could learn the desired specialization again.
  • Implemented protection against DDoS-attack, which uses generating and sending a large number of "heavy" game packets.
  • Star's Tears no longer requires 1 honor point to purchase.
  • All arena battlemasters can now create an arena team.

  • Paladins can no longer use Blessing of Protection on an ally while under the effects of controlling spells.
  • Fixed Talvash's Phial of Scrying item used for a quest.
  • Added missing mailbox in Ironforge.
  • Fixed Nether Beast spawn bug.
  • Fixed the resurrection timer bug, where after pressing the resurrection button, nothing would happen and you had to wait a few more seconds.
  • Crashfixes.

Moonwell x5:
  • At January 26, all recipes that are sold in limited quantities will become personal and non-tradable. 
  • BG/Arena battlemasters and a reagent vendor have been added to the Duel Zone.
  • Drakefist Hammer is now a right-handed weapon until Phase 3. This weapon, which was in players left hand, has been mailed out as it can no longer be carried in both hands. Create a ticket in Discord and we will return the reagents for the second Drakefist Hammer if needed.
  • Honor Point rates increased to x2 (x3 on weekends).
  • BG rotation is now every 30 minutes instead of 60.
  • Alterac Valley is now available for an hour every day at 3pm and 9pm server time. Honor Point rates are increased by 25% (x2.5 on weekdays and x3.75 on weekends) when playing this BG.
  • Changed arena rating formula for loses/wins. It now corresponds to the original one with slight modifications. Team and player rating is lowered to 2000, who had it higher.
  • Corrupted Badge of Justice in the amount of 1-2 pieces has been added to the Vote Chest. They can only be used to purchase equipment.

Donate shop:
  • Assortment updates and price changes.

After server restart, be sure to delete the Cache folder in the game directory.