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Update list #98

General changes:
  • Improved Shade of Aran script.
  • Prince Malchezaar's Enfeeble ability now ignores the current target.
  • Fixed getting mana from Judgement of Wisdom seal effect on druid forms.
  • Fixed a bug with the spectator, when cancelling the form of the druid could attack players in the arena.
  • Player automatically breaks invisibility and cancels the mount when using objects at BG.
  • When teleporting from the arena to the duel zone you no longer have PvP mode enabled.
  • When engaging in combat while in a dungeon, all positive buffs that have been made by players not currently in the current dungeon are removed from the player. 
  • If a player in an inter faction group attacks another player, all members of the group nearby and the target itself will enter FFA-PVP mode.
  • Temporary NPCs that have the condition of despawning after time out of combat will now not disappear if they have uncollected loot. Fixes issue with Captain Skarloc and other similar NPCs' bodies quickly disappearing.
  • Black Planar Edge and Wicked Edge of the Planes is now a unique weapon until Phase 3. Write a ticket in Discord if you have several of these items and want to return the reagents or get a counterpart.
  • Creatures under the loss of control effect no longer generate a threat for players healing.
  • Fixed all known crashes and exploits affecting server stability.
  • Final preparation of the heroic modes of Karazhan, the Lair of Magteridon and Gruul.