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Heroic Raids

A new challenge begins! On February 15th, the heroic versions of the Karazhan, Magtheridon's Lair, and Gruul's Lair raids will be released. A good way for guilds to showcase their skills and strategy, fight for leadership positions in the ranking on the site in a separate category of heroic mode, and receive bonuses in the form of additional tokens/items from each boss and a unique dragon mount for completing all T4 raids!

Why do we need Dragonfly if there are dragons on Moonwell? We have reserved 4 dragon models as mount rewards for completing raids on all phases (except for phase 4, which opens Zul'Aman). Temporal Rift Dragon will be the first mount available to players. To get it, you will need to complete a quest that requires 3 items from all final bosses of T4 content, which drop in a single quantity for the entire raid.

The new mounts will become a truly unique reward, unparalleled among those available in The Burning Crusade version. They cannot be obtained by any other means except by completing the raids. The dragon mount will be an excellent addition to any player's collection, and will serve as a symbol of the guild's strength and perseverance.

Players can choose only one mode of a particular raid - normal or heroic. If you get a CD on the normal mode, you can not get to the heroic mode until the CD reset.

We have also fixed all known bugs in Karazhan in the next update. Monster stats have been adapted to the current server situation where a large number of players are already well equipped with T4 raid gear. Heroic raids will not be nerfed as new phases are released.

Good luck!