Moonwell x100
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Update list #100

  • Warrior stances are not canceled after death and do not disappear after relogging.
  • NPC Bengus Deepforge has some spells removed that he shouldn't have.
  • Bound all trash in Magtheridon's Lair.
  • Shade of Aran now summons an additional Blizzard near the door during the event, eliminating the possibility of hiding there.
  • If the target is in a sitting position and enters combat, it automatically stands up (thereby cancelling various effects, such as drinking).
  • Tornadoes summoned in Karazhan during the event Wizard of Oz now move.
  • Big Bad Wolf in Karazhan now cannot turn the current target into a red cap.
  • Fixed a bug where Big Bad Wolf in Karazhan would not start running after the red cap.

General changes:
  • Big Bad Wolf in Karazhan now has a small delay before launching a red cap.

Moonwell x5: