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Update list #104

Solo 3v3 Arena:
  • Game Masters now have the ability to restrict players, preventing them from participating in the solo 3v3 arena.

Tank-Warrior Adjustments (Raid Only):
  • Thunder Clap now generates significantly more threat.
  • Increased damage from the Revenge ability. Damage scales with avoidance, parry, block ratings, and defense rating.

Game World:
  • Hunters can buff their pets with Buff Scrolls.
  • Added vendors for A2 items available for Honor Points.
  • A1 items can be purchased with Badges.
  • Introduced a vendor for sockets and enchantment books in exchange for Badges. Note that enchantment books can only be applied to items up to level 136.

Other Changes:
  • Revamped the threat calculation system, resulting in more precise calculations.
  • Additional server and startup speed optimizations.
  • Revised and expanded certain server messages.