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Christmas event!

Snowman and his loyal elves have arrived in Shattrath to prepare for the new year, but evil kobolds steal gifts and want to ruin the holiday! You need to stop kobolds!

Take quest from the Snowman in the center of Shattrath.

Kobolds run around Shattrath with stolen gifts. You need to take them away! To do this, you need to make a sleeping grenade from toys from Christmas trees near the Snowman.

Find all three evil kobolds in Shattrath, hit them with a grenade and take away gifts. Read carefully the description of the tasks - there are hints where kobolds are located.

After returning the gifts, Snowman will instruct you to exterminate all kobolds once and for all and kill their king, prince and princess in the lair. Be sure to collect at least 50 snowballs in snowdrifts near Christmas tree in Shattrath, or get them in any other way. It will be extremely difficult to kill kobold lords without snowballs, so you need to take care of this.

Gather a group of 5 players and teleport to the kobold lair through portal near the Snowman. Don't forget - snowballs are your key to victory!

After killing all kobolds, head back to Snowman and get your [Christmas Gift]! See what it drops in our database.

Event will be able until February 1st. We wish you happy holidays!